The Jeremy Kyle Show

The Jeremy Kyle Show is a talk show presented by Jeremy Kyle. It has been broadcast on ITV since 4 July 2005 and is broadcast each weekday by ITV Studios. The show first appeared as a replacement for Trisha Goddard’s chat show, which was moved to Five.

The show is based on confrontations in which guests attempt to resolve issues with others that are significant in their lives. These issues are often related to: family relationships; romantic relationships; sex; drugs; and alcohol, among other issues. Frequently, guests display strong emotions such as anger and distress on the show, and Kyle is often harsh towards those that he feels have acted in morally dubious or irresponsible ways, while strongly emphasising the importance of traditional family values. This has led to both criticism and parody of the show in newspapers and on television, and even led to the show being described as “human bear-baiting” by a Manchester District Judge, during a prosecution after guests had been involved in a violent incident on the show.

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The show also features psychotherapist Graham Stanier, who helps Kyle during the show and assists guests further after they are on air. Dr. Arun Ghosh also occasionally appears with medical help, often aiding people with drug or alcohol problems.

The JK Show